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EOD-imageEducation On Demand (EOD) provides an easy self-paced learning. When you purchase a VSR, VSR SPORT or Basic Balance Master you receive access to NeuroCom-E-Institute. If you purchase a Balance Master, SMART Balance Master, EquiTest, SMART EquiTest or Clinical Research System you can purchase access to EOD for the Clinical Integration lecture and demonstration videos.

If you would like access, please contact your local Natus Account Manager.


NEW Online Clinical Integration Seminar – Part #CLIN600EODA

CEUs – 7 Hours (self-study)

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Natus Balance and Mobility is pleased to announce the launch of  the Online NeuroCom Clinical Integration Seminar!  Subscribe now for your entire facility, at a single subscription price of $495.   Your paid subscription is effective for an entire year from the date enrollment.  Login credentials are valid for all members of your facility during the one-year subscription period.  Of course, renewals are available!   Simply email your request to and we’ll process your request for renewal.  The annual subscription rate is $495.

Please contact your Natus / NeuroCom District Sales Manager to access this valuable resource today!  For questions or additional support, please contact us at

 Online NeuroCom CIS Course Details

This self-paced training includes lecture and video demonstrations covering functional balance and mobility impairments and rehabilitation. After completing all modules of this training, please download and complete the training certificate, verifying that all sections of the course have been completed.

There are 7 clock- hours of continuing education credit offered for this course.  Natus / NeuroCom is not a pre-approved CEU provider for Physical Therapy license renewals.  Each state has specific guidelines for acceptance of on-line courses / self study.  Please refer to your state for current guidelines to use these hours toward license renewal requirements – Click Here.                  

 Online NeuroCom CIS Course Objectives

Following completion of this course, participants will: 

  1. Describe how stable vision and postural stability play important roles for maintaining balance
  2. Define Computerized Dynamic Posturography and how this assessment is used when assessing patients with balance complaints
  3. Differentiate the Core Assessment protocols for static versus dynamic systems
  4. List the key elements of the 6 conditions in the Sensory Organization Test
  5. Describe and differentiate automatic motor, reflexive motor and voluntary motor function and assessment
  6. Discuss the difference between dynamic vision and gaze stabilization scores
  7. Define balance strategy, and how this information is used with interpretation and treatment planning
  8. List at least three evidence based protocols for assessing a patient for fall risk
  9. Describe and differentiate closed chain and sequence training, giving examples of each
  10. Discuss the contribution of the Motor Control Test to the assessment battery

Included with NeuroCom Static System Purchase 

Part #CLIN600EOD

The following Learning Modules are available by product type:

Modules VSR VSR Sport Basic Balance Master
Getting Started
Stability Evaluation Test    
Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance (mCSTIB)
Limits of Stability (LOS)
Weight Bearing Squat (WBS)  
Rhythmic Weight Shift (RWS)    
Unilateral Stance (US)    
Training Module


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