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Management of Balance and Mobility Disorders Bibliography

A compilation of published literature related to balance and mobility disorders, assessment and treatment strategies, and Computerized Dynamic Posturography studies. The bibliography provides listings of cited references only. Abstracts and/or full publications are not available through this web site or from Natus®.

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Theoretical considerations in balance assessment

A validation study using a modified version of Postural Assessment Scale for Stroke Patients: Postural Stroke Study in Gothenburg (POSTGOT)

Computerized Dynamic Posturography in the Objective Assessment of Balance in Patients With Intermittent Claudication

Sport concussion assessment tool: baseline values for varsity collision sport athletes

Concussion Symptom Scales and Sideline Assessment Tools: A Critical Literature Update

Control of upright stance: from assessment methods to mechanisms [abstract]

Balance assessment using a modified sensory organization test with dynamic head movements

An assessment of gait and balance deficits after traumatic brain injury

Gait assessment for neurologically impaired patients. Standards for outcome assessment

Assessment: Posturography. Report of the Therapeutics and Technology Assessment Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology

Virtual reality in vestibular assessment and rehabilitation

The assessment of postural stability after ambulatory anesthesia: A comparison of desflurane with propofol

Outcome Measures for Assessment of Treatment of the Dizzy and Balance Disorder Patient

Contemporary neurovestibular physiologic assessment

Evaluation of Postural Stability in Children: Current Theories and Assessment Tools

Performance and impairment-based assessments among community dwelling elderly: sensitivity and specificity

Assessment: Posturography

Postural sway frequency analysis in workers exposed to n-Hexane, Xylene, and Toluene: assessment of subclinical cerebellar dysfunction

Balance in the Healthy Elderly: Posturography and Clinical Assessment

Clinical assessment of postural stability

Assessment of balance and mobility functions: a reference study based on the Balance Master

An assessment of maternal balance and gait using computerized posturography.

Postural stability assessment in sewer workers

Dynamic posturography in assessment of polyneuropathic disease

Assessment and management of bilateral vestibular loss.

Alternative approaches to the assessment of mild head injury in athletes.

Graded mobility tests: an assessment tool for balance disorders resulting from vestibular lesions

Use of computerized dynamic posturography in the assessment of elderly fallers.

Testing of vestibular function: an adjunct in the assessment of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Relationships among walking performance, postural stability, and functional assessments of the hemiplegic patient.

Clinical assessment of postural stability following vestibular nerve section

Assessment of dynamic stability in normal subjects and patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Dynamic posturography in the assessment of cisplatyn neurotoxicity.

Assessment of Vestibular Hypofunction

Postural Control in Elderly Persons with Osteoporosis: Efficacy of an Intervention Program to Improve Balance and Muscle Strength: A randomized Controlled Trial

Use of the Dynamic Cisual Acuity Test as a screener for community-dwelling older adults who fall

Is posural control restored following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? A systematic review