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Management of Balance and Mobility Disorders Bibliography

A compilation of published literature related to balance and mobility disorders, assessment and treatment strategies, and Computerized Dynamic Posturography studies. The bibliography provides listings of cited references only. Abstracts and/or full publications are not available through this web site or from Natus®.

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Reliability and validity of a dual-task force platform assessment of balance performance: effect of age, balance impairment, and cognitive task.

Effects of Virtual Reality-Augmented Balance Training on Sensory Organization and Attentional Demand for Postural Control in People with Parkinson Diease: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Computerized Neurocognitive Testing for te Management of Sport-Related Concussions

Balance Control Improves Following Replacement of Parozetine with Venlafaxine and Levodopa in a Case of Microvascular Dementia

Sport concussion assessment tool: baseline values for varsity collision sport athletes

Which on-field signs/symptoms Predict Protracted Recovery Form Sports-Related Concussion Among High School Football Players?

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Computerized Dynamic Posturography: Validity and Efficacy Studies

The ability of CDP to differentiate among sensory and motor impairments, and the value of CDP information in improving outcomes has been demonstrated in a wide range of controlled studies covering patients with a variety of disorders affecting balance control.