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Management of Balance and Mobility Disorders Bibliography

A compilation of published literature related to balance and mobility disorders, assessment and treatment strategies, and Computerized Dynamic Posturography studies. The bibliography provides listings of cited references only. Abstracts and/or full publications are not available through this web site or from Natus®.

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Computerized Dynamic Posturography in the Objective Assessment of Balance in Patients With Intermittent Claudication

A computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) program to reduce fall risk in a community dwelling older adult with cronic stroke: a case report

Misclassification of patients with spinocerebellar ataxia as having psychogenic postural instability based on computerized dynamic posturography

Test Order Effects of Computerized Dynamic Posturography and Calorics

Balance Performance in Head-Shake Computerized Dynamic Posturography: Aging Effects and Test- Retest Reliability

The effect of stretching on muscle responses and postural sway responses during computerized dynamic posturography in women and men

A Comparison of Balance Performance: Computerized Dynamic Posturography and a Random Motion Platform

Comparison of Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) Results with Subjective Visual Vertical (SVV) Test in Patients with and without Vestibular Dysfunction: Effects of Horizontal Headshaking

Use of computerized dynamic posturography to assess balance in older adults after nighttime awakenings using zolpidem as a reference

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Computerized Dynamic Posturography: Validity and Efficacy Studies

The ability of CDP to differentiate among sensory and motor impairments, and the value of CDP information in improving outcomes has been demonstrated in a wide range of controlled studies covering patients with a variety of disorders affecting balance control.