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Management of Balance and Mobility Disorders Bibliography

A compilation of published literature related to balance and mobility disorders, assessment and treatment strategies, and Computerized Dynamic Posturography studies. The bibliography provides listings of cited references only. Abstracts and/or full publications are not available through this web site or from Natus®.

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Postural Control in Elderly Persons with Osteoporosis: Efficacy of an Intervention Program to Improve Balance and Muscle Strength: A randomized Controlled Trial

Changes in balance, functional performance and fall risk following whole body vibration training and vitamin D supplementation in institutionalized elderly women. A 6 month randomized controlled trial

Measures of Balance and Fear of Falling in the Elderly: A Review

Fear of Falling and Activity Restriction: The Survey of Activities and Fear of Falling in the Elderly (SAFE)

Head Over Heels: Impact of Health Promotion Program to Reduce Falls in the Elderly

Physical Activity and Postural Control in the Elderly: Coupling between Visual Information and Body Sway

Balance Function in Elderly People Who Have and Who Have Not Fallen

Are Activity-Based assessments of Balance and Gait in the Elderly Predictice of Risk of Falling and/or Type of Fall?

A comparative study on approximate entropy measure and poincare plot indexes of minimum foot clearance variabliity in the elderly during walking

Posturography assessment in elderly people with Parkinson’s disease [abstract]

Posturographic differences between elderly with Parkinson disease (PD) and healthy old people [abstract]

Static balance assessment by posturography in elderly people [abstract]

Differences in postural dynamics between elderly tai-chi practitioners and sedentary subjects

Training to reduce postural sway and increase functional reach in the elderly

Slower declines of functional fitness and strength in Japanese elderly may reduce fall risk

Effects of a sensory-challenge balance exercise program on multisensory reweighting and clinical balance measures in the fall-prone elderly [abstract]

Multisensory re-weighting in the fall-prone elderly: comparison to healthy young and older adults [abstract]

Effects of balance training in elderly people with noperipheral vertigo and unsteadiness

The effect of balance training on a non-disabled elderly population (abstract)

Effect of high heels on balance control in elderly women (abstract)

A comparison of high heel Step-Up-And-Over performance between young and elderly women (abstract)

Predicting Fall Risks in an Elderly Population: Computer Dynamic Posturography Versus Electronystagmography Test Results

Lower Standing Systolic Blood Pressure as a Predictor of Falls in the Elderly: a Community-based Prospective Study.

Obstacle Course Performance and Risk of Falling in Community-Dwelling Elderly Persons

Physiology of balance, with special reference to the healthy elderly

Training balance and strength in the elderly

Changes in balance performance in physically active elderly people aged 73-80

Effect of resistive knee extension training on postural control measures in middle aged and elderly persons

Comparison of Elderly Nonfallers and Fallers on Performance Measures of Functional Reach, Sensory Organization, and Limits of Stability

The Limits of Equilibrium in Young and Elderly Normal Subjects and in Parkinsonians.

The effects of Tai Chi Chuan on postural stability in the elderly: preliminary report

A multifactorial intervention to reduce the risk of falling among elderly people living in the community

Consistency of postural responses in elderly individuals

Coordination exercise and postural stability in elderly people: Effect of Tai Chi Chuan

Evaluation of investigations to diagnose the cause of dizziness in elderly people: a community based controlled study

Falls in the elderly: a therapeutic approach by optokinetic reflex stimulations

Gender differences in the balance of healthy elderly as demonstrated by dynamic posturography

Performance and impairment-based assessments among community dwelling elderly: sensitivity and specificity

Standing postural control in the elderly and very elderly

Dizziness in a community elderly population

Reducing the risk of falls in the elderly

A dynamic posturography study of balance in healthy elderly

Balance in the Healthy Elderly: Posturography and Clinical Assessment

Effectiveness of balance training in the elderly adult as measured by the Tinetti gait and balance scale.