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Management of Balance and Mobility Disorders Bibliography

A compilation of published literature related to balance and mobility disorders, assessment and treatment strategies, and Computerized Dynamic Posturography studies. The bibliography provides listings of cited references only. Abstracts and/or full publications are not available through this web site or from Natus®.

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Postural Control in Elderly Persons with Osteoporosis: Efficacy of an Intervention Program to Improve Balance and Muscle Strength: A randomized Controlled Trial

A computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) program to reduce fall risk in a community dwelling older adult with cronic stroke: a case report

Differences between idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease fallers and non-fallers on Computerized Dynamic Posturography measurements and subscale scores of the Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire (PDQ-39)

[Padrao postural e limites de estabilidade na actividade desportiva

Reliability and concurrent validity of Balance Master outcome measures in persons with multiple sclerosis (abstract)

Balance evaluation in hemiplegic stroke patients

The effects of elevated shoe heights on static and dynamic balance in healthy young women (abstract)

Dynamic and static tests of balance and postural sway in boys: effects of previous wrist bone fractures and high adiposity

Balance and gait in total hip replacement: A pilot study

The effects of backpack load carrying on dynamic balance as measured by limits of stability

Back in balance: a balance retraining program keeps older adults on their feet

Balance assessment of sensorimotor integration in children [thesis]

Tools to assess and reduce fall risk in older adults

Does Balance or Motor Impairment of Limbs Discriminate the Ambulatory Status of Stroke Survivors

Use of clinical and impairment-based tests to predict falls by community dwelling older adults

Physiologic effects of intravenous fluid administration in healthy volunteers

Effects of a sensory-challenge balance exercise program on multisensory reweighting and clinical balance measures in the fall-prone elderly [abstract]

The effect of a preventive proprioceptive training protocol on male college students

Effect of postural biofeedback training: its effect on functional outcome in the rehabilitation of hemiplegic patients following stroke

Effects of balance-specific training on postural stability in older adults aged 79-90 years

Use of foam balance pads to improve limits of stability in community-dwelling older adults [abstract]

Repetitive Training of a compensatory step improves protective balance strategies in patients with Parkinson Disease [abstract]

Role of muscle strength in maintaining balance, posture, and gait in Parkinson disease [abstract]

Comparison of balance among Tai Chi practitioners, runners, and controls (abstract & poster)

Comparison of maximum stability limits for the functional-reach and limits-of-stability tests [abstract]

Effects of exercise on Limits of Stability in older persons at risk of falling (abstract)

Effects of balance training on persons with multiple sclerosis (abstract)

The effects of a 6-week aerobic based exercise program with Sensory Organization, Limits of Stability, and indexes of fitness measurements in a stroke survivor (abstract)

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Balance retraining after stroke using force platform biofeedback

White matter abnormalities in mobility-impaired older persons

Muscular power correlates with static and dynamic balance in postmenopausal women [abstract]

Predicting Fall Risks in an Elderly Population: Computer Dynamic Posturography Versus Electronystagmography Test Results

Evaluation of Dynamic Balance Among Community-Dwelling Older Adult Fallers: A Generalizability Study of the Limits of Stability Test

Effect of resistive knee extension training on postural control measures in middle aged and elderly persons

The Limits of Equilibrium in Young and Elderly Normal Subjects and in Parkinsonians.

Performance and impairment-based assessments among community dwelling elderly: sensitivity and specificity

Use of awareness through movement improves balance and balance confidence in people with multiple sclerosis: A randomized controlled study

A dynamic posturography study of balance in healthy elderly

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Balance decrements in older persons: effects of age and disease.