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Management of Balance and Mobility Disorders Bibliography

A compilation of published literature related to balance and mobility disorders, assessment and treatment strategies, and Computerized Dynamic Posturography studies. The bibliography provides listings of cited references only. Abstracts and/or full publications are not available through this web site or from Natus®.

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Acceleration-based gait test for healthy subjects: Reliability and reference data

Measurement of dynamic visual acuity in patients with vestibular areflexia

Center of gravity dynamic stability in normal and vestibulopathic gait

Accelerometry and Its Association With Objective Markers of Walking Limitations in Ambulatory Adults with Multiple Sclerosis

A comparative study on approximate entropy measure and poincare plot indexes of minimum foot clearance variabliity in the elderly during walking

Laboratory-free measurement of gait rhythmicity in the assessment of the degree of impairment and the effectiveness of rehabilitation in patients with vertigo resulting from vestibular hypofunction

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Computerized Dynamic Posturography: Validity and Efficacy Studies

The ability of CDP to differentiate among sensory and motor impairments, and the value of CDP information in improving outcomes has been demonstrated in a wide range of controlled studies covering patients with a variety of disorders affecting balance control.