Frequently Asked Questions

Balance Support with answers to Frequently Asked Questions on NeuroCom Balance Solutions!

We are compiling your FAQs, more FAQs will be added soon!

Clinical Support

Where can I located information about attending clinical training on NeuroCom Balance Systems?

Natus offers a live NeuroCom Clinical Integrations Seminar (CIS) in the USA, Europe and China, check the website for a course agenda, dates and locations. Click here for more!

If you cannot attend one of these live seminars, please email our education manager NCMadmin@natus.com to find out more information about how you can access CIS online on demand learning.

Where can I locate clinical user manuals?

The following helpful resources are saved on every NeuroCom Balance System desktop:

  • NeuroCom Instructions For Use
  • NeuroCom Getting Started Guide
  • NeuroCom Clinical Operations Guide
  • NeuroCom Clinical Interpretations Guide

Can’t find it?  Email Seattle_Technical_Service@natus.com to ask for a copy – have your system serial number ready.

Who do I contact for clinical related questions?

After you have reviewed the Clinical Operations & Interpretation Guide, if you need further clarification, please email us at NCMclinicalsupport@natus.com


Warranty Service

What is the term of the manufacturer’s warranty on NeuroCom Balance Systems?

Natus Medical Incorporated warrants to the initial purchaser that each new Warranted Product, as defined below, purchased hereunder will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for Twelve (12) months from the date of its initial shipment to Purchaser. The Warranted Product is defined as: NeuroCom Balance Manager® Systems including VSR, VSR SPORT, Basic Balance Master, Balance Master, PRO Balance Master, SMART Balance Master, Equitest, SMART EquiTest, Equitest CRS and SMART EquiTest CRS, inVision, D.A.T a and cables.

 Click here to view the product warranty statement.



I am a researcher and I am looking for published literature on the validity and reliability of NeuroCom Balance Systems, where can I find this?

NeuroCom Balance Systems are the most widely researched balance platforms in the world!  You can search our Bibliography click here or do a more general Google or PubMed search.

I would like to start doing research again do you have any ideas on research topics?

Natus Medical often receives requests for research on balance, as a medical device manufacturer we look to the clinical market to satisfy those needs.  Click here for a list of ideas for research studies for publication.

 I have specific questions about how NeuroCom balance systems work, who should I contact?

Email us at NCMadmin@natus.com


Static Balance Systems

My VSR, VSR SPORT, or Basic Balance Master just arrived and the system is plug and play, where can I get my orientation other than the Instructions For Use?

Every Static Balance System includes access to our Education On Demand (EOD) website, please provide the following information to your local Natus District Sales Manager or email NCMadmin@natus.com for access to NeuroCom E-Institute today:

  • Facility Name/Address
  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Your System Serial Number

How do I reach Technical Support?

For technical questions, please email Seattle_Technical_Service@natus.com or call 1-800-303-0306.


Dynamic Balance Systems

I really enjoyed our initial system in-service where can I find this information?

Great question, there are two helpful tools:

  1. Getting Started Guide located on your NeuroCom computer desktop in the Product Documentation folder.
  2. Register for the upcoming free online Balance eSeminar “Getting Started with NeuroCom Balance Systems – Overview In-Service” September 22nd at 8am PST (11am EST) – click here to register!

We did not purchase ADD-ON option inVision (NCM-INV-D) or the Long Force Plate (NCM-LFP) and we have extra money in the budget, can we still purchase these add-ons?

Yes, please email your local Natus District Sales Manager or NCMadmin@natus.com and we will sent you a quote today!

We are moving locations where can I locate information on how to re-install our larger Dynamic NeuroCom Balance Systems?

The Dynamic NeuroCom Balance System Service Manual include detailed instructions on how to assemble a system.  Also here is a webinar prepared by our service team click here!

How do I reach Technical Support?

For technical questions, please email Seattle_Technical_Service@natus.com or call 1-800-303-0306.