Evaluating Your Practice

There are various components to consider in designing an effective, evidence-based balance program. A good starting point is a careful assessment of existing services and capabilities, how well you are meeting your patient’s needs; and how you are positioned competitively in the market.

For the Health of Your Patients

  1. Are you currently seeing patients with balance and/or mobility disorders?
  2. Are you satisfied with your outcomes?
  3. Are your referral sources satisfied with your outcomes?
  4. Are your balance patients satisfied with their outcome?
  5. Do you provide other services that could offer these patients additional benefit?
  6. What capabilities would be practical to add to your clinic?
  7. What other resources are available on referral?

How a Natus Balance Specialist Can Help

Diagnostic tests can identify specific pathology. Clinical observational tests can confirm the presence of balance problems. Neither can quantify impairments or functional limitations – assessment data critical to effective treatment planning.

NeuroCom®Assessment Protocols accurately identify and differentiate the underlying sensory and motor system impairments, as well as quantify the resultant functional limitations.

This precise information completes the clinical picture and provides a common language between members of the Multidisciplinary Team. Treatment is focused accordingly; reliable benchmarks are established; and patient progress and outcomes are clearly documented.

The net result is more effective patient management and improved outcomes.

For the Health of Your Practice

  1. How well are you positioned in your local market?
  2. Would a new or improved balance program allow you to broaden your services to serve current patients better and/or attract new patient groups?
  3. Would a new or expanded balance program better position you as a resource within your community?

How NeuroCom Can Help

Whether your interest is in assessment, balance retraining therapy or comprehensive balance services, NeuroCom can help you.

Recognized as the leader in the assessment and management of balance disorders, Natus with its NeuroCom Balance solutions has supported the development of successful programs for balance centers throughout the United States.

We provide the best service and support available in the industry:

  • Advanced Assessment Technology
  • Clinical Training
    • Comprehensive balance assessments
    • Integrated treatment planning
    • Impairment focused treatment
  • Support for
    • Business planning
    • Program development
    • Marketing
  • Access to
    • Nationwide network of balance specialists
    • Current research and clinical developments

A Natus Medical balance consultant will work with you to maximize your programs for the health of your patients and the health of your practice.